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GZ BURS - Multilayer Diamonds Round cone 845KR

17,50 €
zzgl. MwSt.

Multi-layer diamond milling cutter for extended service life and high-quality cutting performance.
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Can be combined with GZ instrument burs.

Durchmesser :
Länge :
Shaft :
Körnung :
Quantity :


    Ideal for cavity preparation with its flat conical tip.

    • Type : Multilayer diamonds bur
    • Use : cavity preparation
    • Shape working part : Rounded cone
    • Code : 845KR

    Ausführliche Informationen

    MarkeG&Z Instrumente
    Wartungautoklavierbar 135°C/275°F
    Medizinisches GerätClass IIa
    Benannten StellenCE 0483 (MDC)
    Packung mit (st)5
    FunktionCavity prep


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