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List of products by brand Diadent

DiaDent is a leading manufacturer and exporter of dental materials, consumable supplies, instruments and other dental products used by dental professionals. DiaDent develops and manufactures the highest quality endodontic products as well as other dental products since 1985. Currently, we supply throughout the world via a network of over 900 dental dealers in 127 countries.

DiaDent is a worldwide innovative leader in the design and manufacturing of Gutta Percha and Paper Points. Our commitment to quality was confirmed in the spring of 1998 when DiaDent's Korean manufacturing facility was awarded both ISO 9001 and CE mark Certification.

DiaDent continues to research and experiment new products in order to serve you and the dental profession better with your dental practice needs. The commitment to continuous improvements and the creation of high quality products are the core of DiaDent's success.

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