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LASCHAL _ Tunneling Graft Forceps

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LASCHAL Tunnel :
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    The Quickest And Safest Way to Place a Tissue Graft. Draw it into Place.

    • Eliminates risk of blunt dissection caused by using a suture
    • Micro Thin, Ball Points - for uninterrupted passage through tunnel
    • 75° E/W angulation - ideal for all areas and applications
    • Pressure limiting construction - maximal closure and locking will not damage graft
    • Diamond dusted - for slip resistance
    • Three models

    Ausführliche Informationen

    Wartungautoklavierbar 135°C/275°F
    Medizinisches GerätClass I
    HerstellerLaschal Surgical (USA)
    Déclaration de conformitéCE

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