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ANGELUS - Interlig

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Braided glass fiber impregnated with light-cured composite resin.

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    • On sale!

    The solution to immediate prostheses and splitting in Periodontics !

    • Pre-impregnated and silanated to be ready to use : saves time and material
    • Glass fiber : high flexural strength
    • Easy to cut : special scissors are not required
    • Malleable fiber : easy to adapt
    • Packed in sachets : easy handling / protects fibers from light


    • Splinting in periodontics
    • Splinting of traumatized teeth
    • Fabrication of adhesive direct temporary prostheses
    • Reinforcement of large restorations

    Contains : 3 strips of 8.5cm in individual packaging

    Detailed information

    Medical DeviceClass IIa
    ManufacturerAngelus (Brazil)
    EC RepresentativeEmergo Europe
    Notified BodyCE 1434 PCBC (Polish Center for Testing and Certification)
    Multi Interlig Inst. for Use
    Multilingual Interlig Instruction for Use
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    The solution to immediate prostheses and splitting in Periodontics !

    What the advantage of the industrial resin impregnation of Interlig ?

    The pre-impregnated fiber is ten times more resistant than fibers that are not impregnated during their fabrication.

    What is the advantage of Interlig glass fiber over the polyesthylene fibers ?

    Interlig glass fiber is much more resistant (282 mpa) than polyethylene fiber (86 mpa).

    How many clinical cases can be done with one strip of Interlig ?

    Three cases of periodontal splinting.

    Can Interlig be touched manually ?

    Interlig, unlike polyethylene fibers, is treated by cold gas plasma and it can be touched without alteration of its properties.

    Which are the most important precautions when using interlig ?

    Interlig must be totally covered by the restorative resin because it absorbs water. In case of exposition to humidity, properties will be altered. Interlig is impregnated with light-cured resin and should be protected from light.

    How long can interlig stay in the patient's mouth in a splintcase?

    As long as it is covered by the resin, there is no limit for the maintenance of interlig in the mouth.

    In splint cases, is a groove necessary ?

    A groove is only necessary in final cases. For temporary use, fabrication of grooves on the teeth is not recommended.

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