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WAGOTRIX _ Anatomical wedges

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Anatomic wedges for Class II restorations

WAGOTRIX _ Wedges :
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    100 single Wagotrix anatomic wave wedges. 

    • Anatomical, rigid and adaptive characteristics to achieve perfect seal at gingival margin
    • Design is gentle on gum and rubber dam;
    • Stackable and can be placed without removing ring for improved seal of the box with ease.
    • The unique design of the notches in the center of the wedge allows for superior gingival margin seal

    Available in 3 sizes : Small (white), Medium (gold)  and Large (pink)

    Detailed information

    Medical DeviceClass I
    Déclaration de conformitéCE


    Because not all your patients have flat-topped and square looking teeth ! 

    Other wedges suffer from a distinct conflict of function. They have to be both rigid enough to provide separation, but soft and adaptive enough to provide sealing of the matrix at the gingival margin. With the Wagotrix ring, you will effectively separates the teeth and this allows the Wagotrix wedges to be designed solely to provide optimal sealing capability.

    Simple, smart, and synergistic!


    They are designed to fit any restoration systems closely conforming to the teeth cervical curvature. The potential for composite leakage is then considerably reduced and results in minimally interproximal finishing procedures


    The Wagotrix Wedges are made from acetyl, which soft and flexible properties allow to minimize potential gum trauma and also slip on the rubber dams.


    The hollow V-design underneath provides a space for the gingival tissue and faciltates inserting an additional wedge under the first wedge to adjust and hold firmly the matrix against the affected tooth

    Easy handling

    Integrated placement and removal loop for use with our Pin Holder (WGPH) for sure and safe positive mechanical connection.

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