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After years' research and development, the 4th generation of Piezo Bone Surgery is launched !



    Intelligent and Powerful

    Latest technology from Woodpecker DTE, providing dentists with a superbly reliable and safe ultrasonic surgical system.

    Newly Upgraded

    • Efficient : Woodpecker Fourth generation of Piezo Bone Surgery, with greatly improved cutting efficiency than the third generation.

    • Intelligent : The intelligent system will automatically adjust to the most appropriate output power according the operation situation to avoid overheating

    • User-friendly : New operation interface, more convenient for doctors to use

    Strong Power

    • No handpiece overheating thanks to : new enhanced handpiece , advanced sensing technology, smart control system

    • Smart control system : automatic identification of different bone quality and strenght to perform power adjustment, achieving the optimal output / easy and effort-saving for doctors / less noise at work

    Extremely reliable

    • Mode selection : power varies as per different bone quality

    • One-touch enhancement : exclusively featured one-touch power enhancement

    • Water flow adjustment : different water flow adjustment levels to choose from

    • Easy rince : after each use, rinse the pipeline via control of foot pedal

    Clinical application

    Minimally invasive tooth extraction, Intralift, Sinus lift, Alveoloplasty, Apical cyst extraction, Crow extension, Crest splitting, etc. 

    Micron Cutting

    The vibration amplitude of tip is between 20-100µm. The minimum surgical incision is 3.5mm long, 0.5mm wide, which will help with small operating area and fast postoperative recovery. 

    Selective cutting with no injury to soft tissue

    For soft tissues (neural, blood vessels and mucous membranes, etc.) there is no cutting effect, which can protect the vascular nerve of the operation area to a large extent, greatly reducing the risk of injuring soft tissues. 

    Cold Cutting Mode 

    Ultrasonic technology produces very little heat while cutting. And iced water can quicly cool the tip and ensure the temperature below 38°C. At the same time, the water spray flushes the wound during operation, bringing no bleeding and enabling clear vision of operation area which makes it easy to operate. 

    High-performance Handpiece 

    Optimized handpiece with stronger sealing technology. High temperature cooking disinfection causes no loss of performance. High-brightness LED brings clearer operating vision. Bringing doctor better clinical application experience. 

    Cutting Mode : Under cutting mode, according to the bone density, adjust power and water volume. The power levels are divided into 7classes. 

    D1 : level 9-10 - Class I Bone (suitable for bone with high bone density / big cortical bone) 
    D2 : level 6-8 - Class II Bone (suitable for bone with high bone dentisty / large cortical bone) 
    D3 : level 3-5 - Class III Bone (suitable for bone with uniform bone density / good cortical bone) 
    D4 : level 1-2 - Porotic bone (suitable for bone with low bone density / poor cortical bone) 

    Different bones respectively match 10 power levels, avoiding over power output and improving safety and stability. 

    Periodontal mode : Under teeth mode, the power and water volume are adjustable.
    Endodontic mode : Under teeth mode, the power and water volume are adjustable.
    Cleaning Mode : Under cleaningf mode, step on foot pedal for 3s to confirm cleaning, then the main unit can automatically complete pipe cleaning for 25s. After each treatment, please clean the waterway (include pump line and handpiece). 

    Dimension : 276mmx267mmx110mm
    Water flow : 25-110ml/m
    Mains voltage : 100-240V - 50Hz/60Hz 170VA
    Working frequency : 24-36KHZ
    Weight : 2.8KG 
    Warranty : 5 years

    Ausführliche Informationen

    MarkeDTE Woodpecker
    Wartungdisposable or autoclavable : depends on the components
    Medizinisches GerätClass IIa
    HerstellerWOODPECKER DTE (China)
    Benannten StellenCE 0197 TÜV Rheinland
    Garantie1 year handpiece
    2 years motor
    KompatibilitätSATELEC® / ACTEON ®/ DTE®


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