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LASCHAL - Broken file extraction probe Kit

450,00 €
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A good solution to disengage broken instruments in the canals, thanks to vibrations !
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    Laschal broken file extraction probe is a good way to disengage broken instruments in the canals.

    Sonic Steel™ alloy magnifies vibration, using ultrasonic insert to create high-speed oscillation at the probe diamond tip.

    This widens the trough and sands down the file edges

    • Magnifies ultrasonic vibration to activate the diamond coating
    • Diamond-dusted to create a trough and sand the sharp edges of the file
    • Follows dilacerated (curved) canals
    • Disperses heat created by the ultrasonic tip

    Kit contains 4 probes :
    - 1 x 45°
    - 1 x 75°
    - 1 x 90°
    - 1 x 110°

    Informazioni dettagliate

    manutenzioneautoclavabile 135°C/275°F
    Dispositivo medicoClass I
    ProduttoreLaschal Surgical (USA)
    Déclaration de conformitéCE