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ENDOPULSE _ NiTi - Master Files

30,47 € Tasse escluse

Boite de 6 instruments canalaires MasterFiles en NiTi pour système EndoPulse 

disponible en calibre 10 à 60 et en longeur 21 et 25mm


Scheda tecnica

autoclavabile 135°C/275°F

Riferimenti Specifici


EndoPulse / Canal Finder System

The EndoPulse TM (EP) / Canal Finder System TM (CFS) is the SAFEST automated endo handpiece in the market today! By replicating natural hand movement using Vertical Reciprocation and a passive ¼ turn, the EP eliminates "Torque Stress" experienced with rotary handpieces and files. File Separation is a thing of the past! Put your HAND FILES AWAY.

Accompanied by our Stainless Steel Master Files TM (designed for vertical reciprocation) the EP delivers safe and fast canal debridement, from Access to Apex, in the most calcified and curved canals with no transportation. Ovoids, fins, and tapers are NO PROBLEM for the EP . Eliminate your expensive Nickel Titanium rotary file needs!

No need to buy separate irrigation equipment, it's built into the EP!
The Endo Pulse TM Self Irrigates as you file the canal!. Use the water from your tubing or add our unique Set Flow System1 to deliver 1% concentration of Sodium Hypochlorite during instrumentation. The EP will agitate syringe administered NaOCl in canals to reduce endo chair time. Fluid agitation has been shown to improve canal disinfection and smear layer removal. If hand irrigation is preferred, simply turn off water flow and continue to file with the EP : EP is the "Retreatment Machine"

Use Endo Pulse for fast and easy removal of Gutta-Percha and Resilon. Be sure to use it on Thermafil cores! Just choose a #15 or #20 Master file, place it into the GP mass and start the motor. Work down and around GP and watch it FLY out of the canal. Use the irrigation to wash out residue GP debris. Too Easy!



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