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    WAGOTRIX _ Matriz

    55,83 €Impuestos excluidos

    El súmmum de las matrices anatómicas, para restauraciones de excelente calidad, con un mínimo de tiempo de acabado.

    Su perfil en forma de "S" respeta perfectamente la anatomía del diente, hasta la formación de la cresta marginal. Una vez retirada la matriz, casi no se necesitan retoques.


    Ficha técnica

    Dispositivo médico
    Class I
    Acero inoxidable quirúrgico

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    A step further

    The WAGOTRIX Matrices takes a step further, introducing a pronounced ridge on the occlusal margin. This curved edge produces completely natural-looking Class II composite restorations that require minimal finishing, saving time, money and effort.

    • Unmatched anatomical features
    • Marginal ridge saves effort and money
    • Vertical contour easy on gingival margin
    • Shaped gingival apron
    • Super-thin but strong
    • Tab makes handling easy with Pin Holders (WGPH)
    • Holes for simple removal

    The WAGOTRIX Matrix is one of the most anatomically accurate matrix on the market. Its range of features are there to produce the most natural restorations possible, while at the same time making the job of the dentist much easier. The rolled marginal ridge, often tricky and labor intensive, is now made simple.

    Hold the Matrix by gripping the tab with the Pin Holder (WGPH) or the Classic tweezers (CT).

    Then fold the tab towards you. This enables you to easily slide the matrix into the embrasure in an apical direction.
    If the cavity is Mesio-occlusal, the matrix has to be squeezed in the other way.

    Introduce the Matrix into the embrasure, ensuring that the matrix is in the gingival crevice adjacent to the tooth you are restoring. Keep your fore-finger on the tab to prevent it moving.

    Insert the wedge and push it in firmly. Remember, you are not wedging to separate the teeth, so the wedges are less invasive and much easier to insert than wooden wedges for example. You should now have a good seal around the bottom of the cavity, with no colored wedge visible inside. If required, you can insert a larger or an additional wedge.

    As if landing a helicopter, now move the ring with the forceps into position so that it straddles the wedge. Make sure that it is in direct contact with the wedge and will not go any further in an apical direction.

    It can be usefull to place a finger on the matrice to keep it in place

    If you need it to, Wagotrix system allows you to introduce a second wedge, in the same direction (or opposite) as the first one. You can replace the wedge by another one, more suitable.
    For both operations, it is not needed to take off the ring first !


    Thanks to WAGOTRIX system, you do not need to tighten your ring anymore. You can use your ring a dozen times before using a new one. 

    Rings and forceps are autoclavable.
    Wedges and Matrices are single use.

    If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact our customer service +33 (0)4 42 26 80 64 !

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