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GEKO _ Intro kit

€155.00 Tax excluded

Even on posterior teeth, placing a crown with Geko Tweezers® is as easy as child's play !

Autoclavable ultra-flexible silicone tips and Geko sticky paste (included in intro kit) guarantee perfect grip, increased visualfield, and time-savings when removing excess cement. 

GEKT1 Intro kit contains:

  • 1 pair of Tweezers
  • 20 silicone tips 
  • 1 syringe of sticky Geko paste 

GEKT4 Intro kit contains:

  • 4 pair of Tweezers
  • 20 silicone tips 
  • 1 syringe of sticky Geko paste 


Data sheet

Medical Device
Class I
autoclavable 135°C/275°F

Specific References


Have a rest,
Let Geko Tweezers do the rest !

Dentists' physical and nervous fatigue is caused by the accumulation of seemingly harmless tasks over the course of the day. Every time you concentrate to grasp and then place a crown on a posterior tooth, you trigger a nerve impulse, using physical energy to avoid accidental release of the crown.

Safe and simple to use, Geko silicone tips and paste allow you to considerably limit the energy expended when handling crowns. Like your car's power steering system, Geko provides the assistance you need to work more efficiently.


Regardless of the size of your hands or fingers, the Geko tweezers let you maintain a perfect view of the relevant teeth and the element being carried, for the duration of the treatment.


Thanks to the Geko's firm grip, once the crown is held between its tips, you or your assistant can apply a thin layer of separator such as Vaseline® on the crown's visible surfaces (essentially mesial and distal).

This will significantly ease the removal of excess hard cement with your scaler, saving you precious time. (For even greater efficiency, try Omnis!)

Warning: When handling crowns without Geko, we strongly advise against applying the separator, which would cause the crown to become slippery, resulting in a high risk of accidental release.

The Geko Tweezers feature self-locking jaws with permanent tension that passively hold the crown. Once the crown is gripped between the Geko's tips, your assistant can place the tweezers on the tray and go about other tasks.


The crown is held passively. To release it, a simple squeeze on the handles is all it takes. Unlike conventional self-locking tweezers, there is absolutely no need to struggle with any mechanisms. The tweezers' resistance was designed to allow even the most delicate hands to open them effortlessly.


The white silicone tips are effective for most crowns (probably over 90%). They are autoclavable and can be left on permanently.

They help you 

  • Placing a crown on a posterior tooth
  • Placing a post-core
  • Placing a protective cap over an implant
  • Handling a post-core

GEKO paste

Thanks to its adhesive property and malleability, Geko Paste can be used for more complex shapes (in general, low crowns).

You can also use Geko Paste to handle inlays, onlays and veneers, or place a small dab on a gripping instrument such as Classic Tweezers or any other tip.

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