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    The Yirro-plus® PREMIUM system offers you automatic switching: Taking out the mirror immediately starts the air flow and it stops as soon as the mirror is placed back into the docking station. The air flow is regulated by a turn knob. The Yirro-plus® PREMIUM Start Set offers all you need to work for several hours according to Hygiene Rules.

    Yirro-plus® PREMIUM Start Sets contain:

    • 4 handles and 4 mirrors [2 x 2 sizes]
    • 1 regulator with automatic magnet switch sensor / air coupling
    • 1 docking station with universal docking / adapter docking for integration on spare slot [if applicable]
    • 1 user manual & installation instruction
    • 1 cleaning box for protected cleaning of 6 mirror heads
    • 4 noSPOT caps for prevention of 'solid spots' on mirror heads
    • Power/Air box + hose [connection to 24 VDC]
    • medical power supply EN 60601 [converts 100/240 Volt to 24 VDC]
    • air connection supply [T- ø6 mm]

    The PREMIUM system is to be installed independant to your compressed air [3-6 bar] and to 100/240VAC or to 24VDC

    Ausführliche Informationen

    MarkeDHM Dental
    Wartungautoklavierbar 135°C/275°F



    Self Cleaning Mirror


    Existing dental mirrors offer reasonable clarity, but during precise actions when burring, polishing or eliminating tartar; cooling spray and grindings inevitably cover the indirect sight.

    Would you like to increase your efficiency and work more comfortable?
    Yirro-plus® introduces a self cleaning dental mirror system offering permanent clear view.


    Yirro-plus® is a revolutionary concept of a self cleaning dental mirror system based on an air flow cleaning the mirror surface.
    With Yirro-plus® you will have a continous clear sight, without need to interrupt your work flow. You will be able to work more efficiently and save precious time.


    This universal system is mounted on a fixed position at any delivery [assistence] unit. Each start set is provided with 4 light-weight & comfortable handles, 4 easy detachable mirror heads, all reusable and easy to thermo-disinfect and/or autoclave. This start set also contains the supply for universal installation and the specially developed Cleaning box for protected cleaning of mirrors.


    Make your choice for the automatic PREMIUM System or the manually switched COMFORT System.

    Since Yirro-plus® was developed in close cooperation with a team of dental experts, the system fits perfectly to your professional needs. Yirro-plus® meets the relevant requirements of medical regulation and needs no maintainance.


    universal systems - Both the PREMIUM and the COMFORT System are easy to connect to any type of dental unit: A-dec, Anthos, Belmont, Cart, DKL, EpiLux, HEKA [Unic, Unicline, Unicline-S], KaVo, Midmark, Morita, Planmeca, Sirona [INTEGO, Sinius, C245+], Stern Webber, Tridac, Ultradent, Q-dent, XO ... etc. See examples in the above picture.

    start sets - Yirro-plus start sets offer you a sufficient number of handles and mirrors in order to work for several hours according to Hygiene Rules. Additional handles and mirrors are separately available.

    plug & play - The Yirro-plus system is to be installed independantly to the compressed air. The relevant connection supply is included in the start set.


    This universal docking is included in any start set [PREMIUM or COMFORT]. It is practically always possible to mount the universal docking on a vertical surface at the side of the delivery unit. Even in case of a small brim.


    This adaptor docking is included in any start set [PREMIUM or COMFORT]. It can be used to integrate Yirro-plus in a spare slot of the ADEC-unit, KaVo unit or Anthos unit.

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